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Faces & Places Calendar 2025

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12 Original Watercolour Artworks by Preeti Bhatnagar (Insta @samanilai)A beautiful rendition in watercolor capturing the myriad details of the faces and places that form a part...

12 Original Watercolour Artworks by Preeti Bhatnagar 

(Insta @samanilai)

A beautiful rendition in watercolor capturing the myriad details of the faces and places that form a part of our world.

In each portrait, the everyday life, dreams, and aspirations of humans have been captured. From the strength & resilience of the rickshaw puller from Kolkata to the focus and determination of the Rajasthani artisan. From the hopes of a Durban at a Jaipur haveli to the vigor and brawn of Massai warriors. From the concentration of a sculptor to the joy and happiness of a flower seller.
And just like each face speaks volumes, so do the spaces that surround us. Built hundreds of years ago, these architectural wonders hint at untold stories from all their corners and stones.

These artworks have been recreated for you on 'seed paper'. Which is an eco-conscious paper made from waste cotton scraps with seeds of flowers, herbs, and vegetables embedded in them. Every month of the year, one can simply moisten the previous month and plant it under a thin layer of soil to grow the respective plants instead of throwing them away.
The entire contraption has been set to a reusable pine-wood stand.

As the paper sprouts, nurture the plant with your love, water, and light sunshine and watch it bloom.

12 Sheets of Plantable Months
1 Sheet ‘About the Calendar’
Pine wood stand with wooden nails

Paper Sheets: 4.75” x 7.75”
Pine Wood Stand: 5.5” x 8.5”


About the Artist

Preeti Bhatnagar is an artist with roots from Agra, currently working as an environmental consultant in Stockholm. She is an architect with a focus on alternative sustainable practices, a mural painter, & a zero-waste warrior. 'Samanilai', her online alias, is a Tamil word, which means 'Balance'.
In her own words, she fell in love with the language and the word when she was working as an architect in the quaint town of Auroville, Tamil Nadu. In her professional career, she is inclined towards alternative sustainable practices with a strong focus on bamboo and earthen construction techniques. In her personal life, exploring art, especially watercolors, has brought emotional and mental balance back, the Samanilai back.

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Customer Reviews

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Shyam Mohan
Good experience, good product!

The product is really great. There were some obstacles that came in the way of delivery but the team at Plantables were very supportive and gave prompt responses to my queries and got the problem solved.

This product was a gift and the person loved it! One of a kind! Thank you Plantables.

lekhram meena
fulfilled your order of 2 x Faces & Places Calendar 2021

One of the best idea with execution spot on.
Thanks for the timely delivery and loved your product.


I absolutely love them and gifted to all my friends.

Swathi Uttarkar
Loved it!

Absolutely Loved the artist's paintings and the idea of plantable papers and wooden pinboard!
Although the wooden board I recieved wasn't of good quality, it still works fine as a stand👍

Calendar 2021

Love the eco friendly texture of the calendar. Looks pretty and a good compact size. The paper sadly doesn’t really sprout though as supposed to...

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